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Hello, my name is Lizette. I have the most incredible daughter and I absolutely LOVE being a mom. Which brings me to my next new found title, Auntie. When I got the invitation to the baby shower I just knew I wanted to make my nephew something since I am known to be crafty. That’s when I decided to make him a super soft chunky blanket. The positive reaction I got made my day. It meant so much to me that someone enjoyed something I made by hand that I mentioned it to my husband. He was the inspiration and my best friend Jenny was the nudge and best business partner I didn’t know I needed.

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 My name is Jenny and I am a loving mommy of two sweet boys! I am a stay at home mom with many creative ideas and one to definitely make a spark was when Lizette ( my best friend/ business partner) gifted my baby the sweetest blanket. A lot of brainstorming took place as we helped each other begin this amazing journey while being over 1,000 miles apart! I am ecstatic to be making these beautiful handmade blankets for you all to snuggle up on!

Amazing Customers with our Chunky Blankets!

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